The Best Time to Install a New Roof

roofMany homeowners feel overwhelmed when they consider the prospects of putting up a new roof. This is mainly because of the exorbitant costs of replacing a roof. Although this might be optional for some homeowners, it can be a ticking time bomb for others. There are clear tell-tale signs that your roof needs replacement, and the following are a few that should enable you to make the tough decision. Continue reading “The Best Time to Install a New Roof”

How to Choose a Good Roofing Contractor

roof typeCarrying out roofing renovations can be a nightmare if you hire the wrong contractor. Roofing replacement and repairs often cost a lot of money and hiring an inexperienced or amateur to do this job for you can have adverse consequences. These factors can guide you to choose a roofing contractor who will ensure that your roof is done just the right way. Continue reading “How to Choose a Good Roofing Contractor”

How Long Will it Take to Replace Your Roof?

roof typeThe prospect of replacing a roof can be very daunting for any homeowner because of the expenses involved in roofing projects. This makes it important for homeowners to plan ahead before they even embark on replacing their roofs. It is necessary to have a roofing project checklist of what you will require to build a new roof. The following are some of the primary points that determine the period it takes to replace a roof: Continue reading “How Long Will it Take to Replace Your Roof?”

Do I Need Underlayment for My Roof?

roof underlaymentFor many homeowners, the concept of underlayment during roofing may seem very odd. Although professionals know the essence of placing underlayment before installing shingles, many homeowners still have difficulty understanding the importance of this process. The following are the five primary reasons why your professional roofing contractor will insist on having an underlayment on your roof. Continue reading “Do I Need Underlayment for My Roof?”

When to Replace a New Roof

new roofFor many homeowners, the prospect of purchasing a new roof can be daunting. This is mainly due to the high expenses associated with new roofs. However, if your house needs a new roof, trying to maintain an old one can quickly degenerate into major construction and hazardous issues. As a homeowner, you, therefore, need to know when to repair your roof and when to purchase a new one. Continue reading “When to Replace a New Roof”

How to Deal with Snow on your Roof like a Pro

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAWinter often comes with many problems for homeowners and amongst the main issues to deal with is snow on the roof. Snow piles on the roof can create many problems for homeowners especially if left untended to for long. This can produce ice dams which can, in the long run, result in mold and roof leakages. Additionally, the weight of the snow on your roof can also cause your roof to collapse if left to pile for long. Continue reading “How to Deal with Snow on your Roof like a Pro”

Roofing a House Yourself- Is it Worth the Risk?

house roofingRoofing repairs are some of the most expensive renovations that any homeowner can undertake. Not only are these repairs costly to carry out, but they can take time depending on the number of repairs that ought to be done as well as the weather conditions. Unfortunately, roofing repairs cannot be overlooked as they tend to escalate into serious problems. This has led many homeowners on a budget to take on do-it-yourself projects? If you want to repair your roof by yourself, you have to be aware of the risks and the requirements necessary to complete this job. Continue reading “Roofing a House Yourself- Is it Worth the Risk?”

Roofing Deposit- How Much Should I Give my Roofing Contractor?

Construction worker tile roofing repairMany homeowners struggle with the question and prospect of hiring roofing contractors. This is chiefly because roofing projects tend to be expensive and sensitive. Deposits in roofing jobs can be compared to down payments, and they are usually a show of commitment by the homeowner. Nonetheless, roofing contractors are often viewed skeptically when they request for deposits. This article will explain the phenomenon of roofing jobs deposits and how much upfront payments should be made to roofing contractors. Continue reading “Roofing Deposit- How Much Should I Give my Roofing Contractor?”